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The editor carefully reads your work and fixes all errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation, so the manuscript can be presented in a fully professional manner. This level of editing is for work you consider to be ready for publishing.



The editor analyses your book line by line. The word choice and meaning of each sentence is carefully examined and sentences may be trimmed or rephrased as necessary. Line editing can considerably enhance flow and effectiveness.



Content editing (also known as developmental or structural editing) goes deeper than copy or line editing by focusing not only on language use but the content of the text.  Inconsistencies and other contradictions may be highlighted. 


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No editor can guarantee you will be published. But a good one can you give you the best chance by making sure your work is publishable. With our help, you can be assured that your work won’t be dismissed for any reason concerning presentation or language misuse. 

The Process

  • We make use of MS Word’s review function, so you can see exactly what we’re doing with your book and why. (All packages) 
  • We go over your text in detail to find all errors in typography, spelling, grammar, and punctuation. (All packages)
  • We offer suggestions for rephrasing based on consistency of style and other aesthetic and substantive considerations. (Line and content editing)
  • We analyse carefully what you are trying to do regarding content and look for inconsistencies, contradictions, factual errors, and any other oddities in your book and make suggestions on how to fix them. (Content editing) 

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"Much appreciate the help in editing Nawin, so I could focus on the creative process of writing. Hope to get your help on future work."
Steven Sills
Poet, Novelist, and Author of "An Apostate: Nawin of Thais".

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Grammar and Technology

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On the face of it, grammar checkers seem like a good idea. English grammar is difficult enough to cause problems for even the most intelligent of writers, and the promise of the grammar checker is to take the pain out of the process. Unfortunately, things are not that simple.

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Grammar and Writing

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A convenient reference point for explanations of some of the more common grammar terms, especially for writers wanting to brush up on their explicit knowledge in this area. Literary examples used to jazz things up a bit.

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Grammar and Writing

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According to the Chicago Manual of Style, the comma is one of the most versatile of punctuation marks and indicates “the smallest interruption” in a sentence, but we editors and writers know that the situations where a comma may or may not be appropriate can quickly proliferate in a piece of work

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Academic Writing

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These academic writing tips are for you if you need general advice about writing academically. And they are especially for you if you’re new to academic writing. Having said that, this guide is suitable for anyone who’s confused about how to approach this difficult subject.

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