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Hi, I’m Paul Buckle and I lead Editrue. Now returned to Ireland, I previously worked abroad for fifteen years as an editor and English teacher. Most recently, I was an instructor in academic English at two British universities, Durham and Nottingham. My work largely involved teaching students how to write English at an advanced level, and my knowledge of grammar and structure is second to none. My editing work has been varied, including a position with an international journal, novel editing, and proofreading of business materials and other documents. In addition, I’m a writer who has written four books of fiction, and I'm an administrator and editor of a popular online philosophy forum. I hold an MA in Applied Linguistics and a PGC(PS)E in TESOL.

I started Editrue having had personal experience of dealing with writers who were having trouble finalizing their novels and who needed help consistently expressing their voice. I found I really enjoyed helping to bring these kinds of books to fruition. On top of that, having written several books myself, I know how lonely and unrewarding a process it can be at times. I hope what I do here can mitigate that to some degree. Most of all maybe, I like looking into others' creative processes. It's very satisfying work and I feel privileged to be able to do it.